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Our tailor made interventions are rooted in clinical research, solution focused and action based. Our goal is to maximize your results which you can apply to your life on and off
the road. 


  • A mental health coach is someone who has extensive mental health training (and may or may not be a licensed therapist) and works with the client to solve a current problem and provide a pathway to growth. Mental health coaches are not bound by geography, so where ever you go, we are able to go. This allows for continuum of care which produces increased positive outcomes for you in your wellness journey. Mental health coaching services range from issue specific coaching, to a more general problem solving approach.

  • A recovery coach is someone who works with clients struggling with Substance Use Disorder to find the appropriate path to sobriety by providing a roadmap for success and assisting them to achieve their goals. This is an action based approach, so our clients get out of it as much as they put in to it. The work we accomplish during our sessions provides them with greater focus along with awareness of choices, actions and responsibility. 


  • ​SUPPORT: We consult with music managers, record labels, and other industry professionals to determine the most effective way to guide their artist(s) through any mental/emotional health challenges they may be experiencing (both behind the scenes and in the press/social media outlets).

  • COHESIVENESS AND CONFLICT RESOLUTION: We work with bands/groups to form a cohesiveness that extends beyond the music. From Shinedown to Metallica to The Rolling Stones - the individuals who comprise these groups each contribute something to enhance the camaraderie of the whole which carries over to the band's creativity and success. We conduct the research and develop a plan based on the group's expressed wants and needs. 


  • AUTHENTICITY: We “fact check” artist content to ensure any mental health topics portrayed in a song or music video are accurate representations.  Musicians are incredibly influential and often do not realize the impact a song has on their fans. It is crucial that mental health topics are correctly addressed for the importance of the artist's message and the reach it has on their fans.


We work as advocates for music industry professionals, from finding them resources and services for a variety of needs (medical care, mental health services, financial assistance, etc.) to being a member of their professional team to ensure their mental/emotional/psychological need are met during their career.


  • To help reduce the stigma associated with music industry professionals sharing their struggles and seeking help it starts with educating the industry. We develop and deliver interactive seminars on all things related to mental health in the music industry as well topic specific interactive seminars based on the need(s) of your organization.​​


  • We are available as a speaker for your next industry event - from panelist to keynote, we can create and deliver content based on the theme of your event. 

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