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“In the wake of the tragic, premature deaths of Avicii and Lil Peep, the music industry needs to do a better job at treating mental illness.


Again, and again, there are warning signs and early cries for help that we cannot’s not just the artists who need help, it’s the executives in the business as well.


So I’m calling on every executive, manager, and artist representative with a friend, client or employee in need of help to act.


Let’s come together as an industry and provide reliable health and wellness support within all circles of our business. We owe the world our best effort to avoid another tragic loss.”- Nick Jarjour


Cope Notes: Daily exercises, encouragement, psychology facts, and more. Sent straight to your phone at a random time each day.

Rebel for a Change: A non-profit movement which empowers individuals walking alongside a loved one battling addiction to break the silence and find community.

Audio Meditations for Health: A free collection of audio meditations that can help you access your body's natural tendency to repair and heal. Through guided imagery and affirmations, you can use your own mind as a complement to traditional medicine.

Beyond the Booth: A non-profit organization supporting engineers, producers and artists. 

The Roadie Clinic: An advocacy group to empower and heal roadies and their families by providing resources and services tailored to the struggles of the touring lifestyle

MusiCares: A non-profit organization which provides a safety net of critical health and welfare services to the music community in three key areas: mental health & addiction recovery services, health services, and human services. 

Sweet Relief Musician's Fund: A non-profit organization which provides financial assistance to all types of career musicians and music industry workers who are struggling to make ends meet while facing illness, disability, or age-related problems. 

Stay Strong Movement:  A movement to provide support each other during time of transition in our lives, in society and in the world. We are stronger together.

Show Makers: Show Makers is committed to supporting and uplifting event professionals. This platform was developed to share industry content, facilitate conversations, provide thought leadership, and showcase organizations that are dedicated to the live events community.

The Scars Foundation: This foundation is dedicated to raising monies to help like-minded organizations fulfill their missions to educate and save lives.  Scars will work tirelessly to help bring a change to the perspective relating to mental health, and the many issues that cause such profound pain.  The focus is not on one single issue, but to serve the broad spectrum of mental health and awareness of the struggle, faced by millions of people in the world today.

Rock to Recovery: Rock to Recovery helps people heal and transform their lives through the powerful experience of writing, playing, and performing music as a group.

Solace for Hope: Solace For Hope offers safe and compassionate meeting places for family members and friends who have been impacted by Substance Use Disorder and loss.

TEMPO (Training & Empowering Musicians to Prevent Overdose): TEMPO is a program to create a network where musicians and anyone tethered to the music industry can be trained to use naloxone so they will be empowered to save lives in the event they discover someone in the midst of an overdose. In addition, they provide resources for opioid abuse counseling, as well as counseling for those who are trying to cope with the loss of a loved one or band mate to overdose.

Music Health Alliance: Music Health Alliance (MHA) offers three primary areas of results driven healthcare services with an emphasis on preventing illness and staying well.

The SIMS Foundation: The SIMS Foundation provides mental health and substance use recovery services and supports for musicians, music industry professionals, and their dependent family members.

Backline: Their mission is to connect music industry professionals and their families with a trusted network of mental health and wellness providers.

Porter's Call: A place where artists can find counsel, support, and encouragement, specifically attuned to their unique profession. It’s a safe and confidential refuge where they can deal with the issues and stresses they face in their careers and personal lives. And the services are provided at no charge.

Entertainment Community Fund: They provide human services nationally for people who work in film, theater, television, music, opera, radio and dance. 

Touring Career Workshop: They provide live event professionals with education, connection, and mental health resources that inspire career growth, action, and balance.

Touring and Mental Health: The Music Industry Manual: This comprehensive manual will help musicians and those working in live music to identify and cope with the various physical and psychological difficulties that can occur during, or as a result of, touring. It covers topics including mental health, peak performance and performance anxiety, addiction, group dynamics, relationship problems, dealing with the media, physical health, diversity and inclusion, crisis management and post-tour recovery.

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