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Each role in the music industry comes with its own cluster of occupational stressors....combine that with the rigors of everyday life and it's no wonder why we are seeing mental health statistics in music on the rise. With more and more artists taking time off from their careers to prioritize their mental health, it is our role to provide support those in need. 

We offer comprehensive mental health and wellness care for the music industry professionals. From counseling to coaching, on-site support and organizational partnerships, The Minds of Music provides the tools and resources for music industry professionals to thrive on and off the road. 

I built this company with the purpose of treating the person before the profession, utilizing my years of clinical training and hands on experience as my guide to create an open and collaborative space for healing and growth. 


        Your partner in wellness. 

        Dr. Danielle Archer, LMHC, LPC

      Therapist/Mental Health Coach


What We Do

Integrative, solution-focused and tailor made for

the person behind the music. 

Music Set

Mental Health & Wellness

Services available for individuals working in the music industry: one on one care, bands/groups, as well as family systems. We also offer support services for your loved ones. 


90s Radio

On-Site Support

Support is available on-site for your next event, whether it is for your artist, your team or stage crew (or for all!) - we are here to walk along side you and provide the care you need, when you need it. 

Rock Concert

Organizational Support

More than just workshops and resources, we collaborate with your organization to integrate mental health and wellness into your corporate culture through reviews of psychological health, performance management, and risk assessment plus so much more. Just ask us how.

Approved Referral/Provider for: Backline, The Roadie Clinic, Touring Career Workshop and Entertainment Community Fund

Service Provider for HRDRV, a community based record label

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